Visibility? Show Me.

Last week, I wrote a blog entry titled "Visibility on the World Wide Web"
It had some facts and figures (yawn) -- all intended to make a good case for Internet Visibility for your business. The catch is though, if you found your way to this blog, you probably already understand that visibility is important.

Over the last several months, I've told you about various Why's, What's, and How's relative to building your business visibility. Ultimately, that should lead to profitability -- a concept that I was first introduced to by Hazel Walker of the Referral Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The missing piece, however, has been the "Show Me" part. A lot of people claim to be able to do something. This is especially true now that Social Media is deemed hot. Very few folks show you.

So, here's what you will have a chance to see:
Starting today, I'm demonstrating the Visibility Recipe in the real e-World.
I'll be using the tools that I've talked about on this blog and other social media sites.
  • Step One is the Website. It will be the Show Me Visibility site.
  • The recipe preparation will continue from there. 
As of this posting date and time, the site is a "shell" of sorts, ready to be filled. You are invited to watch its evolution.
Be advised: The site is meant to both demonstrate and market thinkVAULT's visibility services. Therefore, be forewarned. I intend for it to attract business owners who need the solutions we offer.
There will be some elements of fun, too. So, enjoy!

This is what we can do for your business - Help you to get and use the best tools for:
  1. Building and maintaining Internet Visibility for your business.
  2. Channeling that visibility into Online Business.
  3. Measuring and Managing Results from being visible and online.
Are any of these familiar?
  • Your website isn't bringing business to your door...
  • Your e-marketing is expensive and cumbersome...
  • You can't measure your results effectively...
Click this link to >>> Contact us now about solutions for those problems.

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