Strategic & Tactical Challenge: Raise $20K in 61 Hours

Proving a Theorem - Strategic and Tactical Challenge to Raise $20,000 in 61 Hours.

This is a test. It definitely is not only a test. This is measurable goal. By 06:00 a.m. EST on 3 November 2009 (U.S.) this test will be done.  It is a "once-only" test. You are invited to participate in its outcome and help to prove the theorem.

There is a critical mass of internet-based interaction being tested here. 
  • Does thinkVAULTer have enough followers, fans, and friends in the e-verse throughout the varying levels in the tV network to reach this goal?
Theory Camp One says: "Yes. Definitely." Proof of this theory, however, is being sought.

The web application at ubulu.com -- which apparently works only for famous people -- illustrates how many degrees of separation two people are away from each other. See example... 

So, are there enough connections, and few enough degrees of separation, for the e-verse to respond in the time allowed? Let's find out. BTW: The person who helped to gel the concept behind this test has nearly 68,000 twitter followers. Degree One, for this test, is much smaller.

Oh yes, you can get a great return, i.e.: VALUE for your dollar. You have a few choices.

  1. You may simply e-send $49.95 or $99.95 and receive a personal Thank You message and an awe-inspiring e-certificate -- suitable for printing and framing -- in recognition for your having participated in the Great Social Media Experiment. Why? Because you want to and you can...  
  2. You may purchase a mini-research session. 
  3. Ask your question. It must be straightforward, and fact-based.
    See the video below for an example and explanation.

    1. What is YOUR question? What do you need to know (or just want to know) that you don't have the time to research for yourself?
      Your video response, with an audio explanation, will be posted on-line with a link uniquely for you. It will be password protected, so only you can get to it. Sound good? Let's get started...

    Why am I doing this? Two reasons. 1) to test the power of social media and how the various levels within an e-network can respond to a stimulus. 2) My son - who has dubbed himself "lionVAULTer," has a project to fund. So, we decided to test this theory. Are you game?  

    Please note as well: No questions of a lewd, crude, illegal, or immoral nature will be answered. If you do that, you will not get your money back! Everyone else gets a Satisfaction Guarantee. Now...

    Go for it!

    Select Your Choice or Choices

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    Continue below, if necessary:

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    Thanks for Participating

    Thanks for participating in the "Strategic & Tactical Challenge."

    Watch for an announcement about the results, posted on this site by close of business on 11/03/2009.

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    thinkVAULTer Vault To Profits Contest

    ANNOUNCING - thinkVAULT's Contest: Vault to Profits.
    Is this you? New business owner -- i.e.: a start-up? Then this is YOUR contest!
    This is a rare opportunity to get a jump start on moving from Start Up to Profitability quickly.

    If you are among the 
    • Downsized
    • Rightsized
    • Single Parents, just laid off... 
    • The simply ready-to-be-in-business
    who can't wait months to generate a livable income, you are in the right place to get your business on the right track. You won't get rich quick, but you will be able to support yourself and your family - doing something you love.

    Vault To Profits Contest

    What You'll Win:

    The Foundation Week of my

    "30 Days to a Profitable Services Business" Bootcamp - PSB2

    *** Just 5 Lucky Winners ! ***

    Each will have the opportunity to participate in an Inner Circle Startup Group.
    Upon completing their first week, the lucky winners will have in hand their own personalized:

    • 6-Part Power Pages Success Map -- including...
      Your pre-startup checklist
      Your Day One "Must Haves / Must Knows" -- EXACTLY what you will deliver, to and for whom
      The most cost-effective way to do Your One Critical Tactical Thing
      How to Find Your First Ten Clients / Customers
      ...and MORE
    • First preference for seats in the continuation of PSB2
    • Preferred Status for slots in the thinkVAULTer 2010 Getting to the Next Level class

    Here's How to Enter & Win

    Write a COMMENT below, describing...
    1. TWO problems that could stop you from going into business  -OR-
    2. TWO items that would help you start tomorrow, if you knew or had them
    3. THEN, post a back link to your blog -- if you have one -- to this Page 
    Easy Entry: Click Here to E-mail your COMMENTS.

    Contest Rules.

    The 5 winners will be selected at random from all entries after 5:00 p.m. EST, 6 November 2009 when the contest closes.

    Winners will be notified by e-mail NLT close of business, the next business day: 9 November 2009 

    Good Luck! 

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    Assessing Value - How to Decide If It's Worth It

    How to assess the value of an e-service.

    I've been a fan of on-line services for quite a while. There are many good ones, several offered by well-known, successful, and solidly backed corporations. Some are free; some charge a fee. The question you must be able to answer: 
    Is it worth it?

    Just recently, I came across an offered service that just didn't add up. It also illustrated why you must actually READ those Terms of Service texts before checking that little "I agree" box underneath them. Caveat Emptor: some services will try to charge you twice, without delivering comparable added value.

    One of the hottest social media sites, as of this posting, is twitter. In fact, if you are reading this blog, it's likely that you tweet. You may also be familiar with the hundreds -- if not thousands -- of applications written to work on and with twitter. So, imagine my excitement upon discovering that PayPal -- a tool that I use -- had developed some apps. 

    twitpay looked pretty good. Nevertheless, due diligence lead me to check into the Retweet Commerce Suite. Oh, my! So, let me get this straight... 
    Through your use of Retweet2Buy (RT2Buy™) eBay deserves to gross approximately 18% of your twitRevenue, simply for providing a clever way for you to use an existing PayPal account? They also claim the right to hold your funds for 30 to 60 days (while they make more money from your money), before they release it to you. 
    "The amounts due to you from sales of your content will be paid to you via your Twitpay account within 30 days after the end of each month once amounts due to you equal at least $10."  (From the RT2Buy TOS).

    Furthermore, they get to leverage your digital content, using or reusing it as they see fit. Thus, essentially negating the fact that you still "own" it. 
    "With respect to your content, you hereby grant Twitpay and its affiliates the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable right and license, including the right to sublicense, to (i) distribute, use, reproduce, modify, excerpt, adapt, prepare derivative works and compilations of, publicly perform and publicly display your content on the RT2Buy services or in connection with any syndication or other distribution arrangement thereof with third parties, in any media format or medium and through any media channels; (ii) host, cache, store, archive, index, crawl, create algorithms based on, modify or transcode your content to appropriate media formats, standards or mediums as part of the RT2Buy services; and (iii) use your content for and in connection with advertising, promotional or commercial purposes, including without limitation, the right to publicly display, perform, reproduce and distribute your content in any media format or medium and through any media channels."  (From the RT2Buy TOS). 

    Nice try, eBay, but I think your next billion may have to come from other sources.  I must admire your moxie -- just cannot agree with the approach. Let us hang our own money out to dry... where we can still get to it. 

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    6 Time-Proven Paths to Business Success

    Be a Business Genius Using These Six Time-Proven Paths to Business Success.

    When I first gave this presentation at a speaking engagement six years ago, I was a relatively new business owner myself. In the process of updating it, I have personally come to appreciate the revelations in it much more. It is from that perspective that I humbly offer you the opportunity to share in and gain from the wealth of knowledge to which I've been led.

    You will find an overview of this presentation, "Driving an Armored Car" at this link: 
    It runs for about 5 minutes and is slides only / no audio, on SlideShare. 

    If you are interested in seeing and hearing the complete 25-minute presentation, it is divided into 5 snippets, with each part running about 5 minutes. 
    This approach makes it convenient for you to digest the concepts, a little at a time. In any case, I hope you use this as an opportunity for reflection and preparation for your next steps -- in business or in life. 

    You are encouraged to leave comments or questions, below. Responses of interest to other commenters will be posted here. 

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    Using Knowledge Sharing to Grow Your Business

    Sharing Knowledge Can Help Others and Grow Your Business.
    This entry is from guest blogger, Cindy Hartman of Hartman Inventory Systems. 

    Social media is often used to share knowledge, and there are many people doing just that. You can learn something on just about any topic you choose - earning money as an MLM associate, how to "go green", exercise and diet, how to grow your business, gardening, the law of attraction, marketing, customer service, car maintenance, travel, and even social media itself ... the list goes on forever. 

    When we started our business and personal property inventory company, Hartman Inventory Systems, one of our goals was and still is to educate people on the many reasons they need to have a list of their home and business belongings. So we did and still do the standard, tried-and-true methods. One is speaking engagements. We enjoy sharing our knowledge at Kiwanis, Sertoma, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce and church group meetings, explaining why one needs a home or business inventory and also how to compile one. I write a blog and electronic newsletter; I provide articles as a guest author for others' email and paper newsletters and blogs; and enjoy being a regular columnist for the Morgan County Business Leader

    Once we got comfortable with Facebook and Twitter, we thought it would be a great way to reach more people by offering our knowledge through this venue. Though every day we reach out to people who are posting or tweeting about insurance, burglaries, fires, estate planning, divorce, etc., we have organized an "event" per se. Each month, we establish a time for "Ask the Experts" and monitor questions and comments on Facebook and Twitter - a specific time to focus on providing the knowledge others are seeking regarding the need for an inventory. In between the questions, we post pertinent information such as "Be sure not to overload your extension cords when decorating for the holidays" and remind people to check their smoke alarm batteries. 

    In addition to reaching out to our followers, we are providing an opportunity for them to ask for help when they might otherwise hesitate. Social media is a new information highway that, used for the better good, can be an excellent tool to provide knowledge, to pay it forward, to give to others - to share. 
    How can you use social media to meet or enhance your business' mission statement? 


    E-mail us for help and solutions for enhancing your business' mission.  

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