Visibility and My "Why"

DMMI Associates LLC turned 5 a few days ago. Those five years have had their ups and downs -- good times and tough times. Ergo, as Year Six gains its footing, I decided to revisit my "why" list. As Bill Bartmann, Tulsa billionaire wrote in his Why Be in Business for Yourself? article,

Entrepreneurs know that there is only one predictable way to become wealthy; you need to take control of your destiny...

Wealth and independence are certainly valid motivators for many small business owners. My why list, though, has another key element that greets me every day. I am responsible for the well-being and guidance of an adolescent child. He's my main WHY.

If you encounter me someday and wonder why I work hard and often push harder: he's why.
So, to all the parents out there whose why may be a bit fuzzy today: Keep at it, all you Mommy and Daddy Business Owners. Our kids are counting on us.

This is what we can do for your business - Help you to get and use the best tools for:
  1. Building and maintaining Internet Visibility for your business.
  2. Channeling that visibility into Online Business revenues.
  3. Measuring and Managing Results from being visible and online.
Are any of these familiar?
  • Your website isn't bringing business to your door...
  • Your e-marketing is expensive and cumbersome...
  • You can't measure your results effectively...
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