The 3 Ingredients of Web Presence for Online Business

A solid web presence is the lifeblood of any online business. The internet is without a doubt the great frontier of playing field leveling. It doesn't take Fortune 500 sized marketing budgets to make an impact. Yet, this wondrous internet frontier is so vast, with so many ways to navigate it, that a lot of business owners are overwhelmed by the whole idea of doing business online.

One fact cannot be ignored however:
If you miss the Internet Roll Call, you will miss any and all opportunities that could come your way through web channels.
You must be PRESENT!
I suppose it doesn't hurt to be big and unmistakeably present, like Sweetums in the Muppet Roll Call below. But what if your business is small? What if your "crew" is just a few?

Take heart. There are just three key ingredients to having a meaningful web presence. The best news is this: Unlike in years past, when high quality would cost you a high price, your budget is just another factor and not a features-limiting restriction. You can do a lot with whatever you have.

The Web Presence Ingredients are these...

  1. Definitely purchase a domain name and build a website.
    It does not have to be fancy. Your website should represent you well, however. Load it with content that helps or informs your prospects -- even if they are not quite ready to buy from you now. 
  2. Start a blog and write regular blog posts.
    Blog entries can be short; in fact, they were meant to be brief (just like this one). 
  3. Find a way to add video content to your pages.
    You can embed other people's videos, from You Tube or other sources, like I've done here.
    Better yet, find a way to include video content about your company and what you offer. Tell stories about how you add value to your customers' lives and businesses.
    See 'Lucy's Story' near the end of this post.


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