Supplier Diversity - What is Expected of the Suppliers

Exactly what is expected by a large corporation of a diverse supplier?
All too often, I encounter an emerging MBE or WBE company whose owner sees being diverse as its key strength. While this can be an important part of a marketing strategy that's targeting larger corporations, it cannot be the main benefit.

The Dell Corporation published a list of 12 qualities they look for in prospective diverse suppliers. Certification -- i.e.: having and proving diverse status -- did make the list. It's number 12. See this page:

thinkVAULT helps its emerging MBE and WBE clients to focus on listed quality 1: Cost Competitiveness. We focus on assisting you with:
  1. Clearly identifying what market and operational objectives will work for you.
  2. Finding world-class tools that will help you with meeting those objectives. 
  3. Using those tools in a manner that will benefit both your bottom line and those of your customers.
Would your company be both ready and able to meet the type of qualities that Dell Corporation has specified? Be sure of your answer before you contact your big-corporate prospects. 
Oh yes, we can also assist you with #12. See this related post.

MBE/WBE Certification Made Easy

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Cost Effective Business Tools: Customized Video Greetings

Customized Video Greetings Can Make the Impression You Want.
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If you want to impress your clients, business colleagues, and prospects, here's an environmentally-friendly choice: 
Your message in a Flash Video. Convey your holiday or seasons greetings, expressions of thanks, or a marketing message in a unique way. Printed cards are tangible -- and often fun, but by their nature, the message is limited. 

I received a colorful card just this week. It probably cost the business owner at least $1.00, plus the postage. He also had to add a separate sheet of special offers -- kaching, added expense. There is a greener, cost-effective, and wonderfully engaging way to relay the message: 
You can include it all in one video. 

Order Your Customized Video Below. 
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Thanksgiving Greetings from DMMI-thinkVAULT

Thanksgiving Greetings from DMMI-thinkVAULT. 
A video message - just TWO minutes.

Would you like to have a customized greeting message, similar to this one, for your company?

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Video messages can help you to relay information, event announcements, and more. Contact us for ideas. 

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The Entrepreneurial “Itch”

More and more people are feeling the Entrepreneurial "Itch" to start a business.

This entry is from guest blogger, Cindy Hartman of Hartman Inventory Systems.  a business and personal property inventory company

Today’s economy has turned many peoples’ lives upside down. There have been downsizings, closings and forced early retirements. Even those who are still employed are considering their desire to own their own business and feeling "if not now, when?"

Once you acknowledge the entrepreneurial “itch”, how do you decide what to do? An essential step in the selection process is determining three key criteria that this new adventure must meet. There are others, but these three are essential: 

  1. Passion.
  2. Financials.
  3. Skills/Abilities.
The first, Passion, will steer you toward doing something that feeds your values, allows you to serve a purpose and give you something more than money to drive you to succeed. When your daily efforts feed a passion, you will enjoy each day and it will not feel like work.

The second, Financials, is very important. Be realistic on what you can spare and your risk threshhold level. There are a plethora of opportunities no matter what your financial situation. Ask others, do some research and be creative!

The third, Skills/Abilities, helps you realistically asses what you are able to do. But don’t forget the all-important opportunity to learn something new. Having the ability and desire will bring you the encouragement to learn and grow.

There are other criteria you will want to add to this list, but these three will get you going in the right direction. Once these decisions are made, you have a good outline of what type of businesses to investigate. You will have eliminated some and discovered others you wouldn’t have initially considered.

Narrow down all of your options, first by making sure they align with your three criteria. Then ask a simple question: Do I want to do this? The question may seem to be almost ridiculous, but if you focus only on the criteria, this seemingly obvious question might be left unanswered!

Be honest with yourself, and no matter how inviting something is, if it doesn’t meet your passion, financial position and abilities, plus you honestly cannot see yourself doing this day after day, don’t even consider it!

Making this decision is a life-changing event. Make sure you feel the passion so you can enjoy your next career! 


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MBE/WBE Certification Made Easy

Are you hesitating...

...to get your MBE or WBE certification because you find the application process a bit intimidating? 

Does the whole idea of gathering all that paperwork make you break out into a cold sweat?

Sweat no more! 
DMMI Associates LLC is coming to your rescue!

This guide covers all of the critical steps for municipal or state MBE or WBE Certification. 

  • Learn what paperwork and records to find and gather. 
  • Know what errors and exceptions may cause your application to be summarily REJECTED -
    The Dreaded Ding
  • Discover the ONE thing that most often causes a delay in the process
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"How to Prepare a "Ding-Proof" MBE/WBE Certification Application - City/State

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thinkVAULT Launches "Global Entrepreneurship Week - Indianapolis" Info Hub

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Passing the Legacy to Our Youth

This is only the second annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It's still growing across the globe. If you have a business already up and running, or if you have only a business idea, you should be aware of this event. One of the reasons the event exists is to introduce the concept of business ownership to young people everywhere.

I encourage you to visit the Global Entrepreneurship Week - Indianapolis Page on Facebook. Become a Fan and contribute your thoughts and ideas for 2010. 

Be sure to post your comments and updates on the Fan Page

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Entrepreneurship Is Not A "Swing for the Home Run" Game

Can You "Swing for the Home Run" as an Entrepreneur?

One of the greatest mysteries about entrepreneurship and start-ups is how a business owner can ensure success. Here's the catch: 
You can't.

That is not to say that you cannot be successful. You just can't "ensure" it. The best you can do is prepare well, execute well and repeat those actions CONSISTENTLY. Then, if you do fail -- learn from it. Pick yourself up and shout: Next!

This article, on the Wall Street Journal's website "How to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Right for You" presents five questions all prospective business owners should ask themselves before starting a business -- with or without employees. A key point is the first one: Make sure you believe in, and are passionate about, whatever your venture will be. Avoid any business or industry that someone else has convinced you will "make money for you." If you don't believe in it, your prospective clients or customers won't either.

If you have not seen these two prior blog entries, I suggest that you read them, as well.
Several days ago, and with more than a wee bit of mirth, I put up a post in the spirit of swing-for-the-fences. It was the middle of the World Series. The metaphor fits...
The premise was simply this: Raise $20,000 from a base contact pool of about 450 social media connections. "Success" would have required that on average, each one would literally buy in at $50 or so, or that the campaign would expand geometrically -- i.e.: virally.
What were the odds of that happening? Slim and none! 

Yet, this is exactly what too many start-up business owners do. Their business is important to them, so they feel confident that everyone they know will
  1. want and/or need to do business with them.
  2. tell all their friends. 
  3. repeatedly spend their hard-earned money with them.
This is rarely true. It's also not likely to sustain you.
What you can do is plan well and work smart.

If you are up for THAT challenge, go ahead and get started. We can help you with that. Find your market niche and claim it.
Consistent base hitters contribute to the score more often than home run hitters. DMMI will help you to score. 

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Also, watch this space during November. You will find practical tips and steps to take toward starting and growing a viable business. I will present them from the perspective of "Must Haves" and "Nice to Haves" solutions-wise, with an eye for what you can do

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