Working Way Too Hard at Visibility

Internet visibility can be a challenge. Keeping web pages updated and dynamic, so that the search engines are happy, can be a full-time job. Just ask any webmaster.

Yet, the solution is more multi-faceted than merely hiring someone to maintain your website. You could probably do a better job of that yourself anyway; you know what you want to say, need to say, and when it needs to be said. All you really need are the tools to get it done.

Case in point:
Earlier today, I visited a website. On the home page, an event was advertised. In all fairness, the event was coming up within a few days. HOWEVER... The Early Bird, discounted price deadline had already passed. Since I know the folks fairly well, it's guaranteed that their intention was not to rub this fact into anyone's face.  
Wouldn't it have been nice for them to have an announcement -- or even an entire page -- that expired after the deadline date?

Our on-line business partners at IMG have just such a solution. Their web business tool does that and much more.
This short video highlights a few features for you. Click on the live link at the end if you would like to try it for yourself. It's free.
By the way, if you need help getting set up, just let us know.

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