Supplier Diversity - What is Expected of the Suppliers

Exactly what is expected by a large corporation of a diverse supplier?
All too often, I encounter an emerging MBE or WBE company whose owner sees being diverse as its key strength. While this can be an important part of a marketing strategy that's targeting larger corporations, it cannot be the main benefit.

The Dell Corporation published a list of 12 qualities they look for in prospective diverse suppliers. Certification -- i.e.: having and proving diverse status -- did make the list. It's number 12. See this page:

thinkVAULT helps its emerging MBE and WBE clients to focus on listed quality 1: Cost Competitiveness. We focus on assisting you with:
  1. Clearly identifying what market and operational objectives will work for you.
  2. Finding world-class tools that will help you with meeting those objectives. 
  3. Using those tools in a manner that will benefit both your bottom line and those of your customers.
Would your company be both ready and able to meet the type of qualities that Dell Corporation has specified? Be sure of your answer before you contact your big-corporate prospects. 
Oh yes, we can also assist you with #12. See this related post.

MBE/WBE Certification Made Easy

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