Entrepreneurship Is Not A "Swing for the Home Run" Game

Can You "Swing for the Home Run" as an Entrepreneur?

One of the greatest mysteries about entrepreneurship and start-ups is how a business owner can ensure success. Here's the catch: 
You can't.

That is not to say that you cannot be successful. You just can't "ensure" it. The best you can do is prepare well, execute well and repeat those actions CONSISTENTLY. Then, if you do fail -- learn from it. Pick yourself up and shout: Next!

This article, on the Wall Street Journal's website "How to Decide if Entrepreneurship is Right for You" presents five questions all prospective business owners should ask themselves before starting a business -- with or without employees. A key point is the first one: Make sure you believe in, and are passionate about, whatever your venture will be. Avoid any business or industry that someone else has convinced you will "make money for you." If you don't believe in it, your prospective clients or customers won't either.

If you have not seen these two prior blog entries, I suggest that you read them, as well.
Several days ago, and with more than a wee bit of mirth, I put up a post in the spirit of swing-for-the-fences. It was the middle of the World Series. The metaphor fits...
The premise was simply this: Raise $20,000 from a base contact pool of about 450 social media connections. "Success" would have required that on average, each one would literally buy in at $50 or so, or that the campaign would expand geometrically -- i.e.: virally.
What were the odds of that happening? Slim and none! 

Yet, this is exactly what too many start-up business owners do. Their business is important to them, so they feel confident that everyone they know will
  1. want and/or need to do business with them.
  2. tell all their friends. 
  3. repeatedly spend their hard-earned money with them.
This is rarely true. It's also not likely to sustain you.
What you can do is plan well and work smart.

If you are up for THAT challenge, go ahead and get started. We can help you with that. Find your market niche and claim it.
Consistent base hitters contribute to the score more often than home run hitters. DMMI will help you to score. 

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