MBE/WBE Certification Made Easy

Are you hesitating...

...to get your MBE or WBE certification because you find the application process a bit intimidating? 

Does the whole idea of gathering all that paperwork make you break out into a cold sweat?

Sweat no more! 
DMMI Associates LLC is coming to your rescue!

This guide covers all of the critical steps for municipal or state MBE or WBE Certification. 

  • Learn what paperwork and records to find and gather. 
  • Know what errors and exceptions may cause your application to be summarily REJECTED -
    The Dreaded Ding
  • Discover the ONE thing that most often causes a delay in the process
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"How to Prepare a "Ding-Proof" MBE/WBE Certification Application - City/State

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