Strategic & Tactical Challenge: Raise $20K in 61 Hours

Proving a Theorem - Strategic and Tactical Challenge to Raise $20,000 in 61 Hours.

This is a test. It definitely is not only a test. This is measurable goal. By 06:00 a.m. EST on 3 November 2009 (U.S.) this test will be done.  It is a "once-only" test. You are invited to participate in its outcome and help to prove the theorem.

There is a critical mass of internet-based interaction being tested here. 
  • Does thinkVAULTer have enough followers, fans, and friends in the e-verse throughout the varying levels in the tV network to reach this goal?
Theory Camp One says: "Yes. Definitely." Proof of this theory, however, is being sought.

The web application at ubulu.com -- which apparently works only for famous people -- illustrates how many degrees of separation two people are away from each other. See example... 

So, are there enough connections, and few enough degrees of separation, for the e-verse to respond in the time allowed? Let's find out. BTW: The person who helped to gel the concept behind this test has nearly 68,000 twitter followers. Degree One, for this test, is much smaller.

Oh yes, you can get a great return, i.e.: VALUE for your dollar. You have a few choices.

  1. You may simply e-send $49.95 or $99.95 and receive a personal Thank You message and an awe-inspiring e-certificate -- suitable for printing and framing -- in recognition for your having participated in the Great Social Media Experiment. Why? Because you want to and you can...  
  2. You may purchase a mini-research session. 
  3. Ask your question. It must be straightforward, and fact-based.
    See the video below for an example and explanation.

    1. What is YOUR question? What do you need to know (or just want to know) that you don't have the time to research for yourself?
      Your video response, with an audio explanation, will be posted on-line with a link uniquely for you. It will be password protected, so only you can get to it. Sound good? Let's get started...

    Why am I doing this? Two reasons. 1) to test the power of social media and how the various levels within an e-network can respond to a stimulus. 2) My son - who has dubbed himself "lionVAULTer," has a project to fund. So, we decided to test this theory. Are you game?  

    Please note as well: No questions of a lewd, crude, illegal, or immoral nature will be answered. If you do that, you will not get your money back! Everyone else gets a Satisfaction Guarantee. Now...

    Go for it!

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