6 Time-Proven Paths to Business Success

Be a Business Genius Using These Six Time-Proven Paths to Business Success.

When I first gave this presentation at a speaking engagement six years ago, I was a relatively new business owner myself. In the process of updating it, I have personally come to appreciate the revelations in it much more. It is from that perspective that I humbly offer you the opportunity to share in and gain from the wealth of knowledge to which I've been led.

You will find an overview of this presentation, "Driving an Armored Car" at this link: 
It runs for about 5 minutes and is slides only / no audio, on SlideShare. 

If you are interested in seeing and hearing the complete 25-minute presentation, it is divided into 5 snippets, with each part running about 5 minutes. 
This approach makes it convenient for you to digest the concepts, a little at a time. In any case, I hope you use this as an opportunity for reflection and preparation for your next steps -- in business or in life. 

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