Using Knowledge Sharing to Grow Your Business

Sharing Knowledge Can Help Others and Grow Your Business.
This entry is from guest blogger, Cindy Hartman of Hartman Inventory Systems. 

Social media is often used to share knowledge, and there are many people doing just that. You can learn something on just about any topic you choose - earning money as an MLM associate, how to "go green", exercise and diet, how to grow your business, gardening, the law of attraction, marketing, customer service, car maintenance, travel, and even social media itself ... the list goes on forever. 

When we started our business and personal property inventory company, Hartman Inventory Systems, one of our goals was and still is to educate people on the many reasons they need to have a list of their home and business belongings. So we did and still do the standard, tried-and-true methods. One is speaking engagements. We enjoy sharing our knowledge at Kiwanis, Sertoma, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce and church group meetings, explaining why one needs a home or business inventory and also how to compile one. I write a blog and electronic newsletter; I provide articles as a guest author for others' email and paper newsletters and blogs; and enjoy being a regular columnist for the Morgan County Business Leader

Once we got comfortable with Facebook and Twitter, we thought it would be a great way to reach more people by offering our knowledge through this venue. Though every day we reach out to people who are posting or tweeting about insurance, burglaries, fires, estate planning, divorce, etc., we have organized an "event" per se. Each month, we establish a time for "Ask the Experts" and monitor questions and comments on Facebook and Twitter - a specific time to focus on providing the knowledge others are seeking regarding the need for an inventory. In between the questions, we post pertinent information such as "Be sure not to overload your extension cords when decorating for the holidays" and remind people to check their smoke alarm batteries. 

In addition to reaching out to our followers, we are providing an opportunity for them to ask for help when they might otherwise hesitate. Social media is a new information highway that, used for the better good, can be an excellent tool to provide knowledge, to pay it forward, to give to others - to share. 
How can you use social media to meet or enhance your business' mission statement? 


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