Webcast Wednesday - The Visibility Equation: Social Media + Video

Are you really still wondering whether or not you need Social Media as a part of your Marketing Strategy?

Please allow me to respectfully submit the following theorem to you -- 
The time for wondering is over and the time to incorporate Social Media into your visibility toolkit is now. 

There are several variables in the Visibility Equation. Two factors that are givens, however, are: 
  1. Social Media
  2. Video
That is clearly illustrated in the informal treatise in the video below. Michael Stelzner walks, drives, and talks about why Social Media is here to stay.

"It's a lot like fax machines when they first came out... Every business is going to have to have a presence in Social Media."
Michael Stelzner Creator of Social Media Examiner

Social Media Drive 2 from Michael A. Stelzner

Oh, yes... Michael is advertising a virtual Social Media summit which starts in May 2010. I'm sure it will be great! 
How would you like to get a jump start on your planning process, though? Just keep reading below... 

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Magik New Media said...

Social Network Marketing is about starting a dialogue with your customers, rather than shouting orders. A nice conversation with your customers may result in them thinking positively about your brand and they ll more than likely share the love with their friends. By having a discussion with your potential customers you may even discover flaws in your offering.