Cogent Cogenesis - Helping thinkVAULT Help You, Small Business Owner

"How can I help you?"
I first heard those words from a senior manager nearly 20 years ago. It caught me off guard, stunned me in fact. Those are not the words you usually hear from someone "in charge." They stuck with me, nevertheless, and have helped to shape my approach to fulfilling clients' business development needs.

So, as I roll out the next phase of
thinkVAULT's on-line virtual and tangible products and services, your needs -- small business owners -- are top-of-mind.

Information is proliferating on the internet at a dizzying pace. I've seen estimates that what took 20 years to double will double again in the next 4 years. My goal is to contribute to your business' growth, not your information overload.

Toward that objective, the information "menu" below is offered for both your planning ease and my sanity. You may expect articles, blogs, and tweets to center around the high-level subjects listed on the days indicated.
One of your opportunities to get more actively involved will be on Wacky Webcast Wednesdays. We will have some fun, while business-building information is shared with our e-viewers.

thinkVAULT Daily Fare.Subject or Topic Area.
Manage Your Money Mondays. From the top line to the bottom line and nearly everything in between.
Timely info you'll want to know about how to build wealth from your business.
Non-Techie Tuesdays. Tips and shortcuts to tame your computer and other biz electronics. How to shape them into the time-saving tools they should be.
Wacky Webcast Wednesdays. The cyber "wires" are open to you! Ask questions on the biz topic of the week or bring your own hot business issue to the Web-table. Watch for more details on the Webcast soon.
'Tough It Out' Thursdays. For the times when your Perseverance, Persistence, and Patience start to run out.
Fearless Five Fridays. Might be five of something -- might not. The fifth day of the week will be an eclectic mix of people, places, and things to help you keep your life balanced: Healthy Business / Healthy You.
SocMed Saturdays. Links and insights on how to better integrate Social Media - especially the "Big Three" - into your marketing strategies. On a day when you may have a little more time to tend to it.
May See You, May Not Sundays. Do I work on a lot of Sundays, like the rest of you? Sure. But I also seek balance.
(See Fridays, above). 'Nuff said?
You are invited to "tune in" any or all days and media.Watch for tweets on what and where.
There will be guests and input from expert sources, too. Let us know how you like it!

E-mail us with your questions, or leave Comments below, about how to reach your business goals.

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