Can You Afford the School of Hard Knocks?

How Steep Is Your Learning Curve?

Eventually most of us learn. We either learn through experience, formal education and training, or pain avoidance -- a.k.a. "The School of Hard Knocks." Mistakes that cause us pain or cost us money can be effective learning tools. The downside is that they are expensive, both in terms of time and resources. 

So, ask yourself: How much time and money can you afford to waste? Yes, I said "waste" as opposed to "invest" -- the preferred approach. The key difference: An investment has an expected, measurable return. Conversely: Time lost is irreplaceable. Revenues, i.e.: money, left unearned is also in essence, wasted. Missed opportunities will cost you, one way or another. And yes, I speak from my own experience as one whose education has included courses from Hard Knocks U. 

So... In the spirit of saving some of you both time and money, here is an opportunity to invest a couple of hours in your personal business "book of knowledge." Your only investment for the session is your time. I guarantee you a great ROI. 

Do you know already what scripts you should be flipping to: 
  • shorten your learning curves and 
  • help you to grow your business faster? 

Here's the link for the September 15th newsletter, from my brilliant associates over at Lushin, with some thoughts on that subject. To register for their 2-hour Executive Briefing on September 23rd, just click here or the <Register Here> link in the newsletter. 

Take 2 minutes, as well, to see Paul Lushin's video explaining "Life's Scripts" at Lushin TV. 

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